YSI 605050, 1003A Pro Series Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor Kit

YSI 605050
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YSI 605050, 1003A Pro Series Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor Kit

Easy user-replaceable sensor allows for quick sensor replacements, if needed.  No tools necessary. 

One-year sensor warranty.

Measure pH/ORP (redox) quickly and easily with the Pro1003A sensor.

Ideal for high static situations, very cold waters, long cable lengths or long field studies where the connector may be subject to moisture.

The 1001A Amplified pH Sensor can be used with the YSI Professional Series line of handheld instruments.

*Kits include a required guard extension for 5563-x and 2 port ProSeries cables

*Item is heat packed in the winter months. Shipment must be made via 2-day or next day carrier during that time.

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