Waterra WLP-100, Manual Lever Pump Actuator

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Waterra WLP-100, Manual Lever Pump Actuator 

Over the years, Waterra has developed and improved a line of devices to assist in the operation of the Waterra Inertial Pump. Although the inertial pump is a simple device, the manual operation of the pump can sometimes be a strenuous experience. Purging and sampling deep wells or a large number of monitoring wells can leave the operator quite exhausted. Today, we sell a full line of portable actuators that will operate the inertial pump, even in the deepest of monitoring wells. These machines will deliver a significant boost to field productivity.

This actuator is the best choice for the occasional light duty user of the Inertial Pumping System.

The Waterra Lever Pump was designed to provide operators with a convenient, portable mechanism which would provide some mechanical advantage when manually operating the Inertial Pump as well as facilitating the collection of samples with this system.

This actuator will fasten onto most above ground well completions quickly and easily. The tubing clamp is designed to accept both Standard Flow and High Flow tubing and the handle is adjustable in order to accommodate various casing diameters and desired stroke lengths. The Lever Pump weighs approximately 7 pounds.

Dimensions 24" length, 17" height
Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Powered by Manual operation
Additional Requirements Above ground well completion
For Use with Inertial Pumping Systems — Standard Flow, High Flow, Low Flow


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