Waterra High Turbidity 0.1 Micron Filter (600sq cm)

WAT CAP600X-0.1
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Waterra eDNA Filters 0.1 Micron

  • Available in 300 and 600 cm² filter areas
  • High quality polyethersulphone 0.1 micron filter media
  • Each filter comes with 2 end caps to contain the Buffer in the capsule
  • PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free
  • Filter is easily attached to a variety of pumps and tubing sizes
  • Economic option for field filtration for eDNA sampling programs

Waterra eDNA Filters 0.1 micron

An advantage of using Waterra eDNA Filters 0.1 micron is that the large surface area of the filter (either 300 cm² or 600 cm²) allows large volumes of water to be processed. Samples up to 100 litres or more, depending on the turbidity of the water increase the odds of capturing eDNA of the target species. Processing large samples becomes challenging unless one uses a pump.

Sample Collection Techniques:

Waterra carries rugged peristaltic pumps which were designed for field use. A suction style pump can draw the water through the filter. We recommend that the peristaltic tubing be connected to another length of LDPE or HDPE tubing which in turn extends to the filter installed at the end. By connecting the filter at the intake end, the length of PE tubing and the peristaltic tubing do not contact the captured eDNA. This mitigates the need to be change out the tubing for each sample.

The polyethylene filter capsule has an integrated compound inlet and can accommodate:

1) 3/8 inch ID tubing on a threaded nipple,

2) 1/2 inch ID tubing on a hose barb or

3) 1/4 inch OD Waterra Tubing.

The filter outlet can receive:

1) 1/2 inch ID tubing or

2) 1/4 inch OD tubing.

Buffer End Caps

Waterra eDNA filters come with 2 end caps to securely contain DNA preserving buffers in the filter capsule

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