WAT EcoVapor-4", 4" Well Vapor Sampling Plug

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WATTERA EcoVapor-4", Vapor Sampling Plug for 4" Well

Waterra stocks three different types of Environmental Well Caps. All of these devices have a number of unique features that customers find useful and convenient.

We've modified the 2" and 4" EcoPlugs to produce the Waterra Vapour Sampling EcoPlug™. This specialized well cap uses a stainless steel valve which allows you to extract a sample of the trapped headspace vapours.

Pressure tested to 20 PSI, these well caps prevent the loss of well gasses to the atmosphere. The Sample Port Adapter allows you to extract the sample without removing the cap from the well. The Sample Port Adapter can be attached to a perstaltic pump in order to draw out even more of the trapped headspace gasses.

The Waterra Vapour Sampling EcoPlug™ offers the latest in well plug design. If you're looking for a durable, tamper-proof well plug that will withstand repeated use (and abuse) over many years, the Vapour Sampling EcoPlug™ is an excellent fit for your requirements. This well cap is available for 1", 2" and 4" monitoring wells.

The Waterra Vapour Sampling EcoPlug™ offers affordability with a more conventional design, but includes the largest sealing gasket of any well cap available.


  • chemical and temperature resistant properties
  • tethering attachment at base for a variety of instruments
  • wing nut design with recessed grip allows easy manipulation
  • high visibility "eco-friendly" safety colour
  • no metal parts


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