SPER Scientific 801038, WBGT Meter with Color Coded LCD

SPE 801038
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SPER Scientific 801038, Certified WBGT Meter with Color Coded LCD

Takes the guesswork out of heat stress calculations.

This unique heat stress meter features bright, multicolor LED backlights corresponding to OSHA's heat stress alert levels. This visual alert system (not visible in outdoor daylight), allows management and workers to be instantly aware when the heat index enters potentially dangerous zones. These features, combined with the optional audible alarm help to mitigate the risk of heat-related injuries in the workplace.

Calculates heat stress values for direct sunlight and shade and displays humidity, maximum and minimum ambient (TA) and black globe (TG) temperatures. Also, indicates low battery and a hold function. In order to connect this model to a computer to stream data, you will need the USB Cable #840054 and Data Acquisition Software #840052. Comes complete with clear instructions, integrated tripod screw and 4 AAA batteries.

*N.I.S.T. Traceable Certification Report is available for Relative Humidity & Air Temperature functions only.

Dim: 12" × 3" × 1½" (302 × 75 × 37 mm)
Weight: 11 oz (300 g)

Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy
Ambient Air Temperature 0 to 50ºC
32 to 122ºF
0.1 ±0.6ºC (1.5ºF)
Globe Temperature 0 to 80ºC
32 to 176ºF
0.1 ±1ºC @15 to 40ºC
±2ºC outside this range
Relative Humidity 5 to 90% 0.1 ±4%
WBGT 0 to 50ºC
32 to 122ºF
0.1 ±1ºC @15 to 40ºC
±2ºC outside this range


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