RAELink3 (Model RLM-3001)

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RAELink3 Kit

Multi-function modem with GPS can operate as a Remote modem with wireless-enabled portables, or as a Repeater in an
AreaRAE system to bypass obstacles, or as a Host modem to communicate with up to 64 remote devices.  Kit includes a
RAELink3 modem with charging cradle and complete accessories for all three modes of operation (902-928MHz).
Kit Includes:
•  RAELink3 Mesh modem with GPS
•  Charging adapter with AC cable
•  Alkaline battery pack
•  Coiled RS-232 serial cable for RAE portable products
•  RS-232 serial computer interface cable                                                                                                         
•  RS-232 serial to USB adapter
•  Whip antenna
•  Magnet mount antenna with 12’ cable
•  Quick reference guide
•  Resource CD
•  Hard transport case
Monitors Supported:
Wireless Connection:
• MicroRAE (Mesh version)
• MultiRAE (mesh version)
• MultiRAE Lite Pumped or Diffusion (mesh versions)
• MultiRAE Pro (mesh version)
• MultiRAE Benzene (mesh version)
• ToxiRAE Pro EC (wireless version)
• ToxiRAE Pro LEL (wireless version)  
• ToxiRAE Pro PID (wireless version)
• ToxiRAE Pro CO2 (wireless version)
• QRAE 3 (wireless version)
Cabled Connection:
• AP4C [Chemical Warfare]                                                                    
• DustTrakII 8530 [Particulates]

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