RAE Systems G02-B014-000, Wireless ToxiRAE Pro PID Monitor (PGM-1800) 1-1000ppm

RAE G02-B014-000
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RAE Systems G02-B014-000, Wireless ToxiRAE Pro PID Monitor (Model PGM-1800)

Safety Configuration

10.6 eV PID (1-1,000 ppm range, 1 ppm res.) / No Datalogging / Wireless (900 MHz)

Key Features

  • Wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status from any location
  • Unmistakable five-way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions
  • Reliable, rugged, and intrinsically safe
  • Largest display in its class
  • Continuous datalogging
  • Fully automated bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2
  • User-replaceable sensor, filter, fan, and Lithium-ion battery


Industrial hygiene and safety:

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Government health, safety, security, and environmental agencies
  • Hazardous materials teams, first responders

Environmental applications:

  • Environmental consulting
  • Soil remediation

ToxiRAE Pro PID comes with:
• ToxiRAE Pro PID monitor with sensor and wireless option as specified,
rechargeable battery, alligator clip, and protective rubber boot installed
• Charging and PC communication cradle
• PC communication cable
• AC adapter (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC to 12 V DC)
• Calibration adapter
• Combined instrument / sensor cap removal tool
• Quick Start Guide
• CD with documentation
• CD with ProRAE Studio II monitor configuration & data management software
• Technical Note TN-106 with ionization energies and correction
factors for 300+ VOCs (Industrial Hygiene versions only)
• Calibration and test certificate
• Warranty/registration card


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