ION Science A-861644, Fire Investigation Kit (NO INSTRUMENT)

ION A-861644
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ION Science A-861644, Fire Investigation Kit (NO INSTRUMENT) 

The Fire Investigation Kit Includes:

• 1m Flexi-probe for versatile, practical detection of VOCs in hard-to-reach places
• Bump test pen for simple, quick reassurance that your detector is responding
to the presence of volatiles prior to use
• AA TIGER battery pack for emergency power source during long shifts or when access
to a charging point is not available
• Charging cradle & travel charge adaptor for remote charging of your instrument on-the-go
• Exhaust barb which can be connected to a collection bag to allow users to collect samples
for further lab analysis
• Quick start guide for ease of use and no specialized training required
• PTFE filters (pack of 10) spares are provided for quick and simple TIGER maintenance
• Rugged Carry Case for easy, secure and robust transportation of the TIGER and accessories
• Integrated flashlight ideal for use within dark or dimly lit areas


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