Horiba 3200739849, LAQUAact DO-120 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Meter only)

HOR 3200739849
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Horiba 3200739849, LAQUAact DO-120 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Meter only) 

Includes meter and instruction manual, no electrode (wide-ranging applications electrode suggestion Model 9551-10D); Measures dissolved oxygen/Temp, Extras: RS-232C and Backlight


  • Fully waterproof for approximately 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.
  • Uses about 10% of the power compared to conventional meters. With up to 1000 hrs of use, long periods of field work is possible.
  • Slim body fits in your hand. Only three basic operation buttons for onehand operability.
  • Auto Hold or Auto Stable functions
    • In auto hold mode, meter freezes LCD when readings are stable
    • Auto stable mode continuously refreshes readings on LCD with stability indicator
  • Polycarbonate resin* used in automobiles and mobile phones has been adopted to enhance shock resistance. *Polycarbonate resin has about twice the shock resistance of conventional ABS resin. 

*Kit Available: See Part Number 3999960173

ModelLAQUAact DO120
DO Range 0.00 to 20.00 mg/L
0.0 to 200.0 %
Resolution 0.01 mg/L or 0.1 %
Accuracy ± 0.1 mg/L
Calibration Points Up to 2
Salinity Compensation 0.0 to 40.0 ppt
Barometric Pressure Compensation Yes
Temperature Compensation Yes
DO Probe Type Galvanic with integrated temperature sensor
Temperature Range -30.0 to 130.0 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Accuracy ± 0.4 °C
Memory Data 1000
Auto Log Data Yes
Real-time Clock Yes
Date / Time Stamp Yes
Auto-Shut Off Yes (Programmable: 1 to 30 minutes)
Auto-Hold / Auto-Stable Yes
Electrode Status On screen display
Diagnostic Messages Yes
Display Custom Backlit LCD
Inputs BNC, phono, DC sockets
Output RS232C
IP Rating IP67, shock-resistant
Power Requirements 2 x AAA (LR03) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, or power adaptor
Battery Life > 500 hours



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