AMS 57068, 24" Deluxe Hay & Forage Probe

AMS 57068
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AMS 57068, 24" Deluxe Hay & Forage Probe

The basic hay & forage probe is ideal for obtaining 12” representative core samples for quick visual inspection and laboratory analysis. This 7/8” OD probe has a heat-treated serrated tip and chamfered extraction slot. For best results, the sampler should be emptied with the extraction tool after each core has been taken. This will eliminate unnecessary compaction and will provide a more accurate core. The cores from this sampler are emptied directly into a bucket or sample bag. It also comes with an 1/2" drill adapter. (A 24V drill recommended).

  • Basic Hay & Forage Probes Include: Probe body, 1/2" drill adapter, and hay core probe plunger.
  • Material: Gold-zinc plated, 4130 chrome molybdenum steel probe body with heat-treated serrated tip, aluminium hay core cup top and bottom caps, and hay core probe plunger.


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